About Us

VG Photography is a photographic and digital enhancement company based in South East Melbourne.

Our primary service area is Metropolitan Melbourne, however we are happy to provide services for events

anywhere outside of Melbourne subject to a negotiated travel fee.


What does the VG stand for? We'd like to think it stands for 'Very Good', but it also happens to

stand for Van Geyzel - the surname of Sean & Rebecca van Geyzel.


Sean van Geyzel developed an eye for imagery and art through travelling across almost

50 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Coupled with his extensive experience in theatre both as a performer

and a lighting designer he quickly deveoped his talents as a photographer. Specifically trained in portraiture, weddings

are the events he enjoys photographing most. He also possesses significant skills using

design software such as photoshop to digitally enhance images to almost any request.


Rebecca van Geyzel is responsible for much of the administration of VG Photography and

also steps in as a photographer's assistant when required.


Sean & Rebecca van Geyzel